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It seems most foreign men are far more attracted to poor filipinas. Why ?

I have my own reasons for why I would much rather be with or marry a poor filipina but never a rich one,I am just curious what others here think.

Asked by:micky

  • flipperr posted: 12 Jul at 10:52 pm

    Most poor Filipinas are looking to leave poverty. A lot of these poor Filipinas are not well educated or educated at all and really don’t have what it takes to take care of themselves, thus they look for someone to take care of them financially. They also have this mentality that they have to serve their husbands (they do this to Filipino husbands also). Of course if you are a guy what more could you ask for in a woman. Someone who would be willing to treat you like a king which is the mentality of most poor Filipinas.

    Rich Filipinas on the other hand are spoiled brats. There is no way most of them want to serve a guy when they have been served by maids and nannies their entire lives. Plus, most rich Filipinas are well educated and don’t really need a foreign man to take care of them. The really good looking ones have their choice in men so they aren’t likely to marry for money. Besides if you are rich in the Philippines and have everything you could ever want why would you go abroad and be poor?

    So I think a lot of these guys don’t want to deal with a rich Filipina as opposed to a poor one who would pretty much serve their needs!

  • Totoy posted: 13 Jul at 8:56 am

    This is a reality faced not only in Phillippines but anywhere in the world. Most (but not all) foreign man (to any country) would probably fall or attracted to some women of that country with a class lower than his. Why? Because women of the same class of that foreign man will not consider a foreigner husband . They would find someone who can understand their problems 100% and they would not go for the trouble of learning his language and culture which can add up to a normal trouble like dealing with personality, husband’s family and friends, mood swings, etc.

    But for those belonging to a lower class family, they always strive hard to improve the quality of their lives and also look up at people belonging to higher level of society. For them, learning his language, culture and other things is not a big deal. They would do everything for their ideal family. Of course everybody wants to have a better life. I’m not saying this negatively, I just want to explain why some people wouldn’t do what other people would.

    Now I think this one is unique for Filipina. Since they grew up poor, they know how to be considerate of other people. Since some rich people never experienced the hardship of living in poverty, they will value people based on social status and will think irrationally of poor people: that is, since they are poor, they will do anything for money, at the cost of doing something illegal, + some crimes + etc.

  • annabelle p posted: 15 Jul at 12:21 pm

    I don’t think it’s the right reasoning.

    It’s the poor Filipinas who are trying to attract foreigners, not the rich ones. To be married to a foreigner would translate to a better life for the girl and, if fortunate enough to have a generous husband, for her family as well.

    It’s the only easy way out of poverty, especially if these women have not gone to school or finished school.

  • BALONEY posted: 16 Jul at 4:07 pm

    I don’t know that foreigners are attracted to poor Filipinas. Perhaps maybe you mean country girls, ( province girls ). Perhaps you mean girls who are not westernized.
    As I see some women and their behavior on Philippine television, I think they mimic western women’s behavior. If a Filipina behaves like an American woman, I think it is a turnoff to many American men. This is what they are trying to get away from. The nagging, materialistic, short tempered, tantrum throwing with obscenities women they left behind in the states.
    I wont say “most” but many American men prefer a family oriented wife and mother. They have a better chance of meeting one who is not Americanized. I tend to believe that even middle class Filipinas have good moral standards and customs and not just the poor ones. I do not know about rich ones. I think rich ones would marry or prefer a wealthy man over just an average foreigner.

  • Bakekang, Baranggay YAP Captain posted: 19 Jul at 8:55 am

    Poor filipinas….more particularly people oriented, they would be concerned in other people’s difficulties and weaknesses, because she knows on what it feels like to be in there state and place in other word….she knows on what being a human is like, she knows how to be humble, and she knows how to submite herself to anyone else….thus…marrying a foreigner would give them the ultimate mentality of…”I WILL TREAT MY HUSBAND KING” “I WILL LOVE HIM WITH ALL MY HEART”

    while rich filipinas….are spoiled little bratty b*tches!, who wants money more on there hands!,”they will be in utterly flaring rage, if they knew, you are the one responsible of loosing or degenerating her money, she’s the braggart, nagging, degrading type…. they are not humans!, infact they treat others as if,…not merely human at all!,….” but not all of them are like that”, (i don’t generalize)

    i also hear stories like a jewelry business woman married a british officer, a filipina nurse married an american fireman….(well all people are different)

    here are the simple logics….

    a desperate filipina would like to find help over the internet,…while a foreigner, particularly alone or being dumped, would also find another lover across the net,…eventually he would meet the desperate girl from another part of the world…then messaging, chat, webcam….and pretty soon enough they would meet and tadah!

    wedding bells are on!

  • GROly Spirit posted: 21 Jul at 7:16 pm

    because those poor filipinas will take it up the bum, no questions asked.

  • Fizz posted: 23 Jul at 3:39 pm

    because there are more poor filipinas than rich ones. so the chances of meeting a rich one are smaller.

  • Pusang-gala ni Bakekangilicious posted: 25 Jul at 2:31 am

    i believe so, i am poor philippine female cat and all the tomcat are making gaga after me. they are literally chasing after me. they dont like cat with breeding they are high maintenance.

  • Big B posted: 25 Jul at 6:40 am

    I am a ‘poreigner’ – and i have never ever judged a girl according to how much money she earns or doesnt earn. And ive never judged a girl on how she looks. What is most important is what is in her heart.

    For foreigners – as would most guys and i say this in all honesty – look for a girl with a good smile, nice attitude, friendly, outgoing and loving – a girl who is going to be a good mate as well as a good mother.

    I want a girl that i can look after – and most foreigners want this too – is a girl who that they can be the man of the family – like a traditional family. The last thing any guy wants – particularly foreigners – is a girl who is going to have a bad attitude and who is going to want to wear the pants in the family.

    There is nothing more of a turn off fo any guy than a girl who wants to act like a man – thats something ******** and t-birds do.

    Many foreigners who come to pi look for a girl that they can care after – and many foreigners have already been married probably once or twice – they dont want the same nagging pampered wife again that caused them to leave in the first place.

    The philipines is attractive because it has the traditional family unit – the guy looks after the girl and the family. The Philippines doesnt have the womens right liberal garbage that many western countries have where women want to be in charge and who dont want to have families and put their careers ahead of their husbands.

    And that by god is the lord’s honest truth.

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